We want to care for and be mindful of the environment, people and economy. We challenge ourselves to always run the business with a sustainable approach.


Our printed patterns is the part of our business that potentially has the largest environmental impact. In this regard we've chosen to cooperate with a Scandinavian print house that carries the Nordic Ecolabel (Svanenmärket). We've proudly done this since we printed our first pattern in 2017. This means that all pattern sheets and tutorial booklets have been, and still are being printed on sustainable paper. 

All the paper that's being used for our patterns come from sustainable forestry in Sweden and Finland, where 3-4 new trees are being planted for each tree that is logged (not all trees get fully grown). 


Naturally, there are strict demands placed on a Nordic Ecolabel print house. They must:

  • Use sustainable paper
  • Use vegetable-based printing inks
  • Re-use printed items
  • Minimize waste, e.g. paper
  • Use renewable energy
  • Take the chemical work environment into consideration


In our own sewing production, when we sew to create new patterns or display garments, we always try to minimize waste, such as fabric and paper. 

When we purchase consumables (for example fabric) we look for environmentally friendly products first.

When we have fabric scraps that we can't use ourselves, we gift them to local pre-schools or schools, for the children to be creative with.