Max & Mira baby bib

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Sizes: Two sizes: 0-6 months and 6+ months. 
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Max & Mira includes four lovely variants of baby bibs. A is a classic baby bib, with a front piece slightly larger than the back piece. B is a more advanced bib with pleated ruffles. C is a bib with strings to tie around the neck and D is a beautifully cloud-shaped bib.

Sew Max and Mira with jersey, college or other similar soft, knit fabrics. You could also sew the back piece in terry cloth which is a good idea for drooling babies. Or why not use fleece, wool or other similar fabrics for colder climates? 

Skill level: 1-2/3 (Level guide). 


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Delivered instantly upon purchase to your e-mail address. This PDF-pattern includes two pattern formats:

  • A4/letter size for home printing, 6 pages. Layered.
  • A2 size for copy shop printing, 1 sheet. Non-layered.

The Sewing instructions are also included as a PDF-file, 17 pages.


  • Fabric: Use light to medium weight knit fabrics such as jersey or college. You can also use other fabrics, for example cloth terry for the back piece of the bib. For bib C you can use woven fabrics if you’d like.

  • If you’re sewing variant A, B or D you will also need snap buttons and appropriate tools, such as Prym pliers. You will also use interfacing or a piece of woven fabric to re-enhance the area where you attach the snap buttons.

  • Useful tools: Fabric scissors or rotary cutter and cutting mat, pins/clips, textile glue.
  • Sewing machine with a jersey or ballpoint needle. An overlocker/serger can also be used for most of the steps, but you don’t need to have one.

This is an estimate for prewashed fabrics with 150 cm (60”) width. Fabric for flutter and chest pocket is included.
If you’re buying new fabric for your project, I recommend that you add 10-20 cm (4-8”) just in case. The fabric requirement is calculated for the largest size of the bibs.

With the included Sewing Instructions you receive help from start to finish. It’s a solid and detailed description of each step in the making of this garment. It includes clear pictures, explanatory text and tips that will give the garment a professional look.

If you are new to some of the sewing techniques this is an excellent opportunity for you to develop your sewing skills. Consider our patterns your sewing school.

The tutorial also includes a size chart and a fabric requirements chart. Measurements are provided in both the metric and imperial system.