Molly skirt with waist ruffle

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Sizes: 50-146 (approx. newborn - 11 years).
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Molly is a comfortable and play-friendly skirt for big and small ones. From size 80 and up the skirt can be sewn with, or without, practical in-seam pockets. Molly is a short skirt that ends just above the knees. 

The waist has ruffle, a string and elastic. You could let the elastic be not too tight and instead use the string to adjust the fit. This makes Molly a perfect “grow with me” skirt that the child can use for a long time. 

All steps of making this skirt, including sewing the pockets and attaching the eyelets, are thoroughly described in the booklet, so that creating can be fun and relaxing. 

Skill level: 2/3 (Level guide). 


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Delivered instantly upon purchase to your e-mail address. This PDF-pattern includes two pattern formats:

  • A4/letter size for home printing, 12 pages. Layered.
  • A0 size for copy shop printing, 1 sheet. Non-layered.

The Sewing instructions are also included as a PDF-file, 17 pages.


Only available in Swedish. Printed in color on high-quality paper that is durable and can be used many, many times over. The sewing instructions are also color-printed, a booklet in A4-size, 16 pages. The pattern sheet and instructions booklet are packaged in a plastic pocket.


Only available in Swedish. You'll receive both formats. The PDF pattern is delivered to your email, and the printed pattern shipped to your address.


  • Fabric: Light to medium weight fabrics, knit or woven. For the best result, use the same fabric for the cuff as for the main skirt.

  • Elastic, 10-18 mm wide (3/8”-3/4”). (The length is specified in the fabric requirements chart below).

  • Fusible interfacing, non-stretch: a small piece, approx. 2,5x5 cm (1x2”).

  • 2 eyelets, 8 mm wide. Or you could sew buttonholes.


This is an estimate of how much fabric you’ll need, based on 160 cm (63”) wide fabric that has not been prewashed.

The length of the elastic is approximate. The amount of stretch can vary greatly in elastics and therefore the length recommended here can become too long, or too short.

The skirt Molly sits comfortably around the waist, and you can adjust the tightness with the waist string. Choose a size based on your child’s height. For example, if the child is 98 cm tall, choose the size 98. If the child is between sizes, choose the larger size.

If you know that the child is slim you can size down 1-2 sizes on the width of the skirt, otherwise the waist can become a bit bulky with too much fabric.

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