Amelie tester pics

Amelie tester pics

I received help from several really talented testers before releasing the Amelie sewing pattern. They spent a lot of time sewing and testing the pattern on their children or grandchildren and gave me really valuable feedback. 

I wanted to share some of their pictures here, as inspiration for us all. 

@ateljeklingetorp made an Amelie in knit fabric and one in woven fabric. The mint dress is sewn in size 62 using cotton lycra (jersey). And the second one is sewn in size110 in woven viscose. I should add that the pattern is constructed for knit fabrics, but if you want to sew in woven fabrics you can try sizing up 1 size or just adding a little ease to the bodice and arms. 


@cirkus_karlsson sewed these to Amelie tops. 


@frackafritte made the Amelie dress in size 146.


@leissadesign made an Amelie top and a dress.


@liljekonvaljdesign made an Amelie top, in size 110 


@lillaedesign has made an Amelie top and a dress. She is also the designer of the gorgeous fabrics!


@madeinslagsta made two tops, in size 92 and 98. 


@meliciadesign sewed a dress in size 86.


@pajzingdesign made this dress, in size 80.