Commonly asked questions about Threads by Caroline's sewing patterns.


Are seam allowances included in the patterns?

Yes, 1 cm (3/8") seam allowance is included in all patterns. Our wish is that our patterns are easy and fun to sew with, and we believe that including seam allowance helps that.


Should I buy a printed or digital pattern? 

Well, that's up to you. The advantages of a digital pattern are that - as long as you save it on your computer and at least one safety copy - you can never loose it. When you buy a digital pattern you'll receive an e-mail with a download link. This link can be used 3 times and then it is inactivated. When you click the link and open the pattern and the instructions you should save it on your computer. You can also e-mail it to yourself so that it is saved on your e-mail. You can also store a copy on dropbox or an external drive. With a digital pattern you can also choose to print only the size/s that you plan on using, since all my sewing patterns have a separate layer for each size.

The advantages of a printed sewing pattern is that you don't have to print it and tape it together yourself. It is also inspiring to have a printed pattern and instructions booklet that you can keep in your bookshelf. The pattern and the booklet is printed on thick and stable paper that will hold through many uses. 


How do I show/print only one or several specific sizes in a digital pattern?

Read our guide here.


How do I print and tape a digital pattern?

Read our guide here.