Can I sew Emma in non-stretch fabrics?

Can I sew Emma in non-stretch fabrics?

Today we're releasing a new pattern! And oh, how we love this one! The Emma blouse and dress is such a versatile, flattering and comfortable pattern. We designed it for knit fabrics with drape (such as viscose jersey, tencel jersey etc). Our extensive pattern test was also conducted in knit fabrics only.

But so many people have asked us if Emma can be sewn in non-stretch fabrics. So I just had to give it a try!

I actually really like it, more than I thought I would. This is the short dress length. I should say that Emma is more comfortable in knit fabrics, primarily because I can move my arms more freely in a knit Emma than a non-stretch Emma. But I don't feel restricted or anything like that. 

I do recommend that you have some previous experience of sewing clothing in woven fabrics, because Emma's tutorial does not include instructions for woven fabrics. 

For example you will need to finish seam allowances, before or during the construction of the garment, since woven fabrics will fray. You will also need to sew easing stitches along the sleeve curve, adapt the neckband for woven fabric, choose a hem more suited for wovens, and you may also want to increase the seam allowance to 1,5 cm.

If you have previous experience of sewing garments in woven fabrics it will be easier to use a pattern for a knit fabric on a woven fabric instead.

Note that the 3/4 and long sleeves that are hemmed will likely be too slim to be sewn in woven fabrics. The two short sleeves and the wide 3/4 sleeve with elastic have more ease and will likely be more suited for woven fabric.

The V-neck is large enough to be sewn in woven fabric, and for me personally the round neck was as well. I could easily pull it over my head.

So to summarize, if you do want to use this knit garment pattern for a woven fabric, use that creative thinking and go ahead! However, please remember that the pattern was designed for knits, and our pattern test was conducted for knits. 

Let's get creative!