Dream projects for summer sewing

Dream projects for summer sewing

A couple of weeks ago I was celebrating 5 years since I started Threads by Caroline. It was so much fun to look back at everything that's happened since. 

I also had a contest in my Facebook group, Threads by Caroline - Sew and Tell, where anyone could post about their dream summer sewing projects. I chose 12 winners, who I thought were very inspiring. Now let's have a look at the project plans of the six 1st prize winners!

Let's look at what Malin W P is planning!  

"A dream project for this summer is to make a matching set for me and my daughter (maybe also my son if I've got time) that we can wear during our planned trip to Legoland.
I've been interested in trying the Hanna pattern, I think it would look great together with an Emma dress. A cropped Hanna sweatshirt together with a black (maybe viscose?) Emma dress for myself. Maybe I could even let the Emma dress have buttons in all the Lego colors...
For my daughter a Billy & Betty bomber jacket in happy colors together with yellow/orange Lo leggings, and a black Kids' Emma. Colorful, summery but also stylish I hope."
I think that would look so cool! Love this creative idea. 
Next up is Joa V.
"This summer we have a party of our grandparents, they are 40 years married. For my girls (5 years and 2 years old) I want to make a nice party outfit.
I'll make both a Amelie dress, with a summery, flowery jersey from Tygdrömmar. I'll add some lace on the sleeves and the bow 'll be in the color light marsala.
To make sure they can wear the dresses the whole day, I will also make two Frankie sweatshirts of college for the evening or when it's cold. For the biggest girl in curry with a little dot and I'll make a flutter of lace. For the little girl a Frankie inn the color light marsala with a bow (or maybe more) in the jersey of the dress. So they'll be really summer party ready!
We just dream of a nice party in a beautiful garden with lots of flowers everywhere."
That sounds really lovely! I hope you'll have a beautiful party!
Now let's look at what Jesseca H is planning...
"These are my dream projects for summer. I've dreamed of the Caroline wrap blouse/dress pattern since it was released and I want to make all the versions i different linen and linen-mix fabrics, there is nothing more beautiful and comfortable than linen garments which only get more gorgeous and comfortable with time. 
I want to make this for both myself and my 12-year old daughter. And then I've also got a baby girl who's drooling a lot right now! So for her I want to make a bunch of cute Max & Mira bibs, with different jersey fabrics and with lace details."
Sounds great! I love linen too!
Next up is Jenny T. 

"My summer project will be matching party outfits for my 4 children. I was introduced to your patterns a few months ago and the one’s I’ve tried are so good! Now I want to challenge myself and sew a Victoria dress for my two oldest, and a Victoria jumpsuit for my youngest daughter. For little brother I would modify Victoria into dungarees with cross straps in the back. For chilly days I want to also make them Billy & Betty bomber jackets

We all love blue so I would use different fabrics in blue, in jersey and french terry, so that no one gets the same but they all match. Cute wooden buttons in the back bodice and soft cotton laces to finish the flutter on Victoria will be perfect. 

Then they’re all set for a Swedish summer of end of school, midsummer’s and birthday parties."


I'm so impressed! How fun to have matching, but still unique, clothes for all four!

Now let's look at Fanny S.


"After summer I'll return to my job and my maternity leave ends, so my dream sewing project this summer is to fill up my wardrobe with Caroline wraps and Linnea tops. I have so far only sewn a Caroline with puff sleeves in a lovely seersucker fabric and it is currently the most used garment in my wardrobe. I really want to make more and want to get to know more fabric types!
For example, I would love to sew a puffy peplum wrap in embroidered white cotton, a stylish linen wrap and a summery cropped midsummer's dream with matching wrap skirt." 
Oh, now I want to sew more too! The best of luck to you!

Here's what Malin S wants to make this summer! 

"Planning mini-collections is so much fun and there are so many things I want to sew! Now that summer is coming up I finally have more time at my sewing machine. 
One of the makes I'm mostly proud of sewing so far is the Elsa & Elliot coat in softshell, for my daughter. A few months ago I bought a jacquard fabric with dots which I imagined would be matching Elsa & Elliot coats for my two daughters so I've now based this summer collection on that fabric. My summer collection is based on what is often typical Swedish summer weather - a bit cold. 
I want to make two Tyra & Todd pants. I've been eyeing this pattern for a long time but haven't made it yet, the paper bag waist looks great. For the chilly evenings Frankie sweatshirts will be great. I want solid fabric also on them, and I think the flounce version will liven it up. Maybe my youngest daughter will want the version with a pocket, to gather her treasures.
If it does get warm I should also sew them an Alice top each, I saw a really nice flowery fabric at Tygdrömmar.
Last but not least I will also sew for myself. Of course the mom should also benefit from this project! I've ordered a blue ottoman fabric which would be perfect for a cropped Hanna sweatshirt, since you can never get too many Hannas! I haven't made the cropped version yet so I'm looking forward to that."
I love your thinking! It would be a beautiful collection.
Thanks to my six 1st prize winners for letting me share your dream summer sewing projects!