Printed Emma: How to match the two pattern sheets

Printed Emma: How to match the two pattern sheets

Our sewing pattern Emma blouse and dress has three lengths. The longest one has calf-length. It is so long that it doesn't fit on one pattern sheet (70x100 cm), so a small piece of the FRONT and BACK continues on an extra pattern sheet. This small sheet must be placed together with the large pattern sheet when tracing your size (if you're making a calf-length Emma dress).

Our instructions for this is to place the pattern sheets right next to each other, no space between and no overlap. However, it is possible that at the print shop the machines did not print/cut correctly down to the millimeter at the edges of the pattern sheets.

Therefore you may need to make a small adjustment. Here's an example.

When we place the large and small pattern sheet next so each other to trace the FRONT, the hem's curve doesn't look entirely right. 

For it to become entirely right I need to overlap the small sheet over the large one with 2 mm. Now the curve is smooth. 


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us - we're always happy to help!