How to get creative

How to get creative

As creative people we've all felt how sometimes our creativity just isn't flowing. We want to make stuff, but also don't want to at all. Maybe it's hard to get started - or maybe finishing is the hard part.

I have periods when my creativity is just flowing. I can sew and design all day for several days or weeks. That feeling is really awesome. But then all of a sudden, it's not just happening anymore. It doesn't feel fun. My creativity has run out.

Since being creative is a huge part of my job and business, and has been for over five years now, I've had to learn to manage this. How I can nurture my creativity. These are my best tips on how you keep being creative and how you can awaken your creativity when it's asleep.

1. Get daily input

Be a person who evolves and on a daily level gets new knowledge or insights. For example: read the news; read a book; listen to a kind of music you usually don't listen to; watch paintings; watch a documentary; listen to a TED talk; learn a new language; listen to a person who has an interesting story... and so on. 

2. Take a walk

Get moving, preferably in nature; a forest or park. It's relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time. And working out does improve your creativity. (Source: for example this one and this one).

Photographed during one of my walks last week :)

3. Try something new

Related to sewing this could be: try out a new type of fabric or pattern you don't usually work with. Maybe you need something challenging; or maybe you need something easier than you usually do.

I often alternate what type of sewing pattern I'm working on. After a more challenging pattern, I do an easy one. 

4. Re-organize

This could be on any level. Maybe just re-organizing your sewing accessories or fabric piles. Or maybe, if possible, you could re-decorate? Move your sewing machine to another place in your home?

I do that last one pretty often. I move around furniture to create a new vibe in my sewing room/office :) Check out this and this blog post for pics of my previous sewing room (in my home). Here's the sewing corner of my current office:

5. Keep a journal

Whether it's a physical or digital journal, keeping track of what you've created can be a great help. You can see clearly what you've accomplished and how you evolve and improve. Whether you're writing notes in a notebook, or your journal is in fact your Instagram page with pictures of your makes, that's up to your preference. 

6. Be social

Join a Facebook group to meet other sewists digitally - or find a sewing circle in your area. Seeing what other people are making, being able to ask/give advice or just chit-chat about sewing techniques, new fabrics and so on, is so much fun.

You're welcome to join my Facebook group: Threads by Caroline - Sew and Tell.

7. Set goals

This is not for everyone, but is loved by some. At the start of the year, or at the start of each season, set your sewing goals. This could be for example:

"I will make more clothes for myself". 

"I will learn to sew a coat". 

"This month, I will only wear home-made garments". 

Another idea is that you could make a collage with pictures of garments you plan to sew. Maybe a moodboard filled with pictures of similar garments, textiles, colors that inspire you. 

8. Start pinning

Well, I'm actually talking about pinning pictures at Pinterest :) It really is a great tool to find inspiration for your next sewing project. Also, find me there :) 

9. "Just 15 minutes"

Sometimes, just getting off the couch and start is the hard part. Tell yourself you're just gonna work on your sewing project for 15 minutes. I mean, 15 minutes will take you forward and you will have accomplished something. And oftentimes, you'll get energized during those fifteen minutes and keep going for longer ;) 

10. Stay positive

Don't be too hard on yourself. Your makes don't have to be "perfect". Say nice things to yourself about your makes, and your talent. Don't tell yourself you're not a creative person - thoughts are powerful so you would only be making that true. Be kind and positive towards yourself.


I hope some of these tips will work for you! I use all 10 and love them :)