My work space

My work space

I love seeing pictures of how people decorate their sewing rooms or sewing corners! I managed to snap some photos the other day, so welcome in and have a look at my work space! 

As you might know I work full time with my business and I work from home. My work space is also a guest room. It has windows in three directions and high ceiling so it's light and lovely.

It wasn't that many years ago that I didn't have a sewing space, whenever I was sewing I sat at the kitchen table, so I'm really enjoying the room. Having all my machines set up and all fabrics and supplies close by is amazing. 

I mostly sew with my sewing machine, a Janome Skyline S5 (to the right). I bought it last summer and I'm really loving it! It feels like I'm just using 30% of its potential :)

In the middle is my overlock (serger), a Brother 1034D. I've had it for a few years now and it works like a charm. It's really easy to thread and understand. 

To the left is my cover, a Janome Coverpro 2000 CPX. I bought it last summer as well and haven't made it my best friend yet but I will.

I love having scissors, needles, seam ripper etc close by. The peg board SKÅDIS from IKEA is great for this. 

I also have my threads close by. I have mixed feelings about keeping them on my wall. I do worry about dust and stuff on the thread, but I also love seeing all amazing colors on the wall... 

My husband and I built a work bench (with storage) using 3 KALLAX shelves from IKEA and put wheels under them. I've got my cutting mat here, and here's where I cut fabrics or pack orders. 

To the right in the room I have a smaller desk for my computer. 

I thought my work bench would be sufficient for lots of stuff but it filled up too quickly with fabrics :)

My favourite plant in here should also be photographed. I got it as cuttings from my sister last summer and now it's looking this lovely! 

There's also place in here for a huge shelf for all my sewing patterns of course. I have quite many packed and ready to ship, and even more tutorials and patterns stored.

So there it is! I hope you enjoyed seeing the pics.