NEWS! Alice top & dress

NEWS! Alice top & dress

Meet Alice: a top and dress with a trendy knot on the front hem. This is a pattern I've planned for for a long time, and I'm so excited to release it! From the beginning, I considered it for the summer wardrobe but I've come to realize that it's great for winter too. I've sewn several long sleeved versions in college and my kids love them. My personal favourite, however, is the short sleeved top, cute and cool at the same time!

Alice has a relaxed fit, perfect for growing little humans :) It is excellent for both jersey and college, preferable knit fabrics with at least 30% stretch. There is a stretch guide included in the pattern! This is a new feature in my sewing pattern that I will continue with, to include a stretch guide which can help you evaluate your fabrics and choose a size taking the fabric's stretch quality into account. 

The neckline and short sleeves are finished with a binding. To sew bindings can feel intimidating before you've tried it, and for that reason I have been extra clear in the booklet, showing you exactly how to sew the bindings without a bias tape binder. With clear photos it gets so much easier!

I hope you'll like the Alice top and dress! I'm offering a 20% release discount on the pattern during the first week, until thursday 15th. 

Next week I'm gonna write a new post here and show pictures from my testers!