Olivia tester pics

Olivia tester pics

I just have to show you what the testers have made! And if you'd like more inspiration from testers and customers search the hashtag #threadsbycaroline on instagram. 

@laurajohannan has made this beautiful dress. I love the fabric, it's a perfect fit for the pattern. 


And here's another gorgeous dress, made by @madeinslagsta. Perfect for summer!


And here's three dresses that @leissadesign made! Gorgeous all of them! 


Here's an Olivia-dress by @kariksdesign. This one's size 56, isn't it something with those small sizes!



@lillaedesign has not only sewn this dress but she also designed the fabric herself. I love it! She has also decided to use snap buttons in the back, which is just as fine as buttons and buttonholes. 


@milwidesign made this lovely dress! Really dreamy!


Time to show a tunic I think! This gorgeous one is sewn by @frackafritte.


And last but not least, @malida_form made this awesome dress!