Pattern hack of Olivia and Amelie

Pattern hack of Olivia and Amelie

Isn't it amazing how you can start with a pattern or two, make some changes, and create a whole new look? A while back ago Monika (@6tendesign on instagram), sewed a gorgeous dress that she created using two of our patterns: Olivia and Amelie.


I asked Monika if she wanted to share how she had made the modification in case anyone else wanted to make a similar one. So the awesome Monika sewed one more dress and took some pictures to e-mail me, wonderful! 

Monika chose to use the bodice from Olivia, size 74, and the skirt piece from Amelie, size 80. The reason that she sized up on the skirt is that with the new cut on the bodice, the bodice's circumference would be a bit larger. 

1-2: On Olivias front bodice, Monika drew a new line like in the pictures below. She lengthened the bodice 2 cm, and in the center front it's 4 cm shorter. 

3: The back bodice is also lengthened by 2 cm. 

4: The back skirt was cut according to the pattern, but the front skirt got a new upper line like in the picture, to match the new front bodice. The upper line's height difference is 6 cm.

Below you can see how the new pattern pieces look like when cut out in fabric. First the front bodice, and then the skirt pieces: front skirt to the left (on the fold), and back skirt to the right (also on the fold). 

Thank you so much Monika for sharing your gorgeous pattern hack! Visit Monikas instagram page for more inspiration: @6tendesign.

You can also have a look at our patterns: Olivia and Amelie