Tester pics of Linnéa

Tester pics of Linnéa

In January of 2020 we released the women's pattern Linnéa. A fitted top with a couple of options for neckline and sleeves. I truly love this pattern and have been wearing Linnéa tops most days recently. 

We're very grateful for our pattern testers who helped us evaluate and perfect this pattern before we released it. Let's have a look at the pictures from some of our testers! 

We'll start with the smallest size, 32 and work our way up to the largest size, 50. Note that all testers have chosen size based on their body measurements and Linnéa's size guide. They have also mixed sizes where needed, meaning that they might have chosen size 38 but graded to 40 in the waist and 42 at the hip, or whichever sizes were applicable for their body measurements. If they are taller than 1,72 cm they have also adjusted the length according to the tutorial.

(No significant changes were made to the pattern after the test). 


Sewn by Jenny (@lilla_tivoli).


Sewn by Julia (@rutigdesign).


Sewn by Ida (@avidarand).


Sewn by Rosi (@rosieklund).


Sewn by Linda (@kalasfin).


Sewn by Charlotte (@trio_med_bus).


Sewn by Josefine (@elvillebarnklader).


Sewn by Karin (@majkiloo).


Sewn by Damaris (@leissadesign).


Sewn by Matilda (@s.e.bro).


Sewn by Alexandra (@madeinslagsta).


Sewn by Jenny (@jennymedj).


Sewn by Kim (@pinkrabbit_nl).


Sewn by Christina (@ateljeklingetorp).


Sewn by Kristi (@kristikala88).


Sewn by Elin (@elfandy.collection).


Sewn by Emma (@distorsion).