Rolled and lettuce hem

Rolled and lettuce hem

In my patterns Victoria and Ester & Ebbe, you can choose to sew ruffles on the shoulders. And for these ruffles I think it is really cute to sew a rolled hem. The settings that you'll need to sew a rolled hem varies depending on which machine you're using, so check your manual! But here are some extra tips! 

Example A shows a rolled hem and how the seam will look if you let the machine feed the fabric when sewing. Example B shows a lettuce hem, which is more wavy. This is what you get if you pull the fabric towards you, away from the machine, while sewing. Choose whichever you like best!  


Personally I usually sew the rolled hem on my Brother 1034D serger. To prepare for that, I do the following:

1) Remove the left needle.

2) Remove the stitch finger.

3) Use these tension settings: 4 (right needle), 5 (upper looper), 7 (lower looper). 

4) Set the stitch width and stitch length to R.


Test a few settings and see what works for you! 

Good luck!