Sew a crop hoodie

Sew a crop hoodie

My 7-year old asked me for a crop hoodie, and sure there are lots to buy at stores for very little money. But that's not why you're here, or me, right? :) 

When we sew we can create a garment that has exactly the fit we want, in the design we want. We can add any details we want, or keep it clean.

My daughter chose a fabric from my stash and decided on a jersey fabric from Elvelyckan Design and a solid black jersey for the hood's lining. 

I chose the pattern and decided to go with the Lilly & Liam, very little modification would need to be done. My daughter wanted the hood, but the sweater can also be sewn without one. My daughter has size 128, and we did some measuring on her body to decide how much to shorten it.

We removed 7 cm (2 3/4") from the front and back bodice (pattern piece 1 and 2), and made no changes to the waist cuff. 

An easy peasy pattern modification but a quite different garment. Mother and daughter happy!

Here's a link to the pattern.