Sew a tunic or dress with wrap back

Sew a tunic or dress with wrap back

Today we've got Josefine (@elvillebarnklader on Instagram) back on the blog with a really cool pattern hack! Thanks Josefine for sharing and inspiring.


For a long time I've wanted to buy a pattern with a wrap back, it's such a nice detail. But then I remembered - why not modify a pattern I've already got? A pattern with a wrap front can with small changes be turned back and forth for a completely different design.

So here's my tutorial on how to turn the Smilla bodice back and forth for a wrap back instead of wrap front. 

Before we get started, here's the original design of the Smilla pattern, (I made the gathered peplum top variant with a straight front bodice instead of curved):

Let's get started.


Cut all pattern pieces as usual in your chosen size. I'm sewing size 122.


Since the garment will be turned, the original back piece will become the front. Let's start by modifying the back a bit, so it's more suitable as a front. We need to cut off some from the neckline, so it's not too tight. I chose to cut off 2 cm (3/4"). How much to cut off is up to you of course, you can remove more than 2 cm. Measure first, then cut.


You don't really need to change the front pieces (which will become back pieces), but I wanted a deeper neckline in the back, and removed a bit as you can see in my pictures. 


Now all modifications are made and you can continue sewing your Smilla according to the pattern's sewing instructions. 

Here's my Smilla!