Sew an Emma without the slit

Sew an Emma without the slit

Do you like our newest pattern Emma? We are very fond of this blouse and dress! It's amazingly comfortable, quick to sew, and so feminine. 

The two dress lengths of Emma (short and calf-length) have rounded hems, and a 5 cm (2") slit at each side. 

Today we're gonna show you how to modify the pattern if you want to sew a dress that shows a bit less of those legs of yours :) 

Below is our modified Emma dress in calf-length. We've lengthened it at the sides with 8 cm, and we omitted the slit (5 cm). So we have 13 cm more coverage at the sides of the legs. 

Lengthening at the sides

Measure 8 cm (3") (or however much you want to lengthen) from the slit's lower notch, straight down. Draw a new curve, something like we did with the red lines in the illustration. Do the same for the front and back.

Omitting the slits

This is really easy. When you're sewing the side seams in step 26, just don't stop at the upper notch for the slit. Stop at the lower notch for the slit instead. In step 27, you make the cut into the seam allowance, 1 cm above the lower notch for the slit (instead of the upper notch). Sew the hem like normal. 


The fabric used for this dress is tencel jersey from Skroten