Sew an Olivia without buttons

Sew an Olivia without buttons

Sometimes you just want a fast sewing project right? I love my Olivia pattern, especially the tunic. I think one of the reasons is because of the button-up back, but mostly the gorgeous neckline sewn with facings. 

I received this beautiful fabric from WCollection Fabrics and immediately thought of a tunic when I saw it. So today I'm gonna show how to sew a quick version of the Olivia by skipping the buttons in the back! 

Keep in mind that the pattern is constructed to have buttons in the back. Skipping the buttons might not work so well in the smallest sizes (approx. 56-86). 

Here's how!

If I don't want any buttons in the back I need to cut the back bodice as one piece, on the fold, instead of two opposite pieces. Fist I take a look at the pattern piece. I lay the front bodice on top of the back bodice to see how much I need to remove. 

I take out a pen and draw a new line along the edge of the front bodice, so that the width of the back bodice will be the same as the front. And then I cut, or fold, along the new line. 

Now it's time to cut out the fabric, and now I need to remember that my new back bodice should be placed on the fold, just like the front. Seam allowance is included in all my patterns (1 cm or 3/8"). 

I also need to modify the back facings, because that must also be cut out as one piece, instead of two opposites. I place the original pattern piece for the back facing on the new modified back bodice and see that the facing is too long. 

With a pen, I mark a new line on the facing so that it shall be the same size as the back bodice. And then I can cut or fold along the new line. 

When I start sewing it's almost like sewing a "regular" Olivia, except here's what it will look like when I sew the facings to the bodice. The back bodice is now in one piece instead of two. And the back facing is also one instead of two. 


Here's the result! I'm super pleased! 


Here's the pattern.

And here's the fabric!