Smilla tester pics

Last week we welcomed a new sewing pattern to our collection: Smilla top and dress, a beautiful dress for knit fabrics, for girls sizes 62-146 (approx. 2 months - 11 years). 

We'd now like to show you some of the testers' pictures of Smilla that were taken during the test phase for this pattern. We hope this will be inspiring for you! All of these Smilla tops and dresses were sewn with the test version of the pattern and some adjustments have been made since. If you have a specific question about the pattern's fit, you're welcome to get in touch with us:

Let's start with the smallest sizes and work our way up! :)

Testers shall always sew the child's current size, according to the child's measurements and the pattern's size guide. Sometimes the child's chest width points to one size and length to another, then testers are encouraged to blend sizes.

Sewn by myself for a little girl in size 62. A dress with gathered skirt piece. 


Sewn by Mikaela, @gulahuset_design_2, a dress in size 68.


Sewn by Linn, a dress in size 68.


Sewn by Annika, @madebyornborg, a dress in size 74.


Sewn by Laura, @laurajohannan, a dress in size 74.


Sewn by Karolina, @kariksdesign, two dresses in size 74. 


Sewn by Josefine, @ravenorakan, a dress in size 74. 


Sewn by Julia, @rutigdesign, a dress in size 80.


Sewn by Alexandra, @madeinslagsta, a dress in size 80.


Sewn by Sofia, @by_zepsi, a top in size 86.


Sewn by Christina, @ateljeklingetorp, a top in size 86.


Sewn by Anniina,, a dress in size 86.


Sewn by Sarah, @incompletestitches, a top in size 92.


Sewn by Agata, @agatavazquez, a dress in size 92 lengthened to 98.


Sewn by Ida, @avidarand, two tops: the left is size 92 and the right is 98, both are lengthened to 104. 


Sewn by Barbara, @beapajdo, a dress in size 98.


Sewn by Erika, @pajzingdesign, a top in size 98.


Sewn by Frida, @frackafritte, a dress in size 92 and a top in 98.


Sewn by Kristi, @kristikala88, a dress in size 98 lengthened to 104.


Sewn by Vivian, @frk.fristad, a dress and top in size104. 


Sewn by Elin, @iderik_design, a dress in size 104 lengthened to 116. 


Sewn by Kristin, @syttavkristin, a dress in size 110.


Sewn by Pernilla, @meliciadesign, a dress in size 116.


Sewn by Damaris, @leissadesign, a dress in size 122. 


Sewn by Ida, @ida_syr, a top in size 122, shortened to 116.


Sewn by Anja, @a_siwsiw_thing, a top and two dresses in size 122.


Sewn by Noortje, @noortjesnels, a dress in size 122.


Sewn by Anna, @by_annadea, a dress in size 128. 


Sewn by Charlotte, @trio_med_bus, a top in size 128 lengthened to 134. 


Sewn by Fleur, @fleursebregts, a top in size 128 lengthened to 134. 


Sewn by Frida, @virvelvi, a top in size 128 lengthened to 140. 


Sewn by Josefine, @ravenorakan, a top in size 140. 


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  • These pics are adorable. Looks like a great pattern!


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