We are sewists!

What inspires us as a pattern company the most? YOU! The amazing, talented  people (mostly women) who sew. We love seeing what you make and reading what you think about various fabrics, patterns, sewing techniques and so on... 

We've asked four of the super talented and inspiring women who are active on Instagram to tell us a bit more about themselves and why they sew. All four are also pattern testers for Threads by Caroline.

Today we'll read about Janine & Ida!

And in a few days, or next week, we'll get to read about Madeleine (@mammasytt) & Matilda (@s.e.bro)! 


Janine / @vrolijkevos

NAME: Janine Oosterhuis
INSTA-NAME: @vrolijkevos
LIVE IN: Netherlands
AGE: 35
WORK AS: lower school teacher, 6th grade (group 8) and a mom of two daughters (3 & 5 year old) 

WHY I SEW: When I was very pregnant with my second daughter I was walking with my mother on the fabric market in Utrecht, Netherlands. I saw a very tiny harem pants hanging there. With the idea in my head 'how difficult can this be?' I borrowed the sewing machine from my mother and I just started. A few months later I bought my own machine and I never did regret it.
Sewing gives me peace of mind and allows me to fully use my creativity. I love doing it and try to make as much time as possible to work on my projects.
Pictures from Janines Instagram page.

FAVOURITE PATTERN: I'm such a big fan of almost all patterns from Threads by Caroline. Not because she asked me this question, but I really do love to work with them! My all time favourite is the Billy & Betty, but Elsa & Elliot, Wilma & Wide are coming really close! They are so diverse and you can make the most beautiful items with them. 
A SEWING TIP FROM ME: I never took lessons; I figured everything out myself over the last three years. I get inspired by other sewists on Facebook and Instagram and all the amazing pattern designers all over the world. I just try everything I like.
So my tip is: just try! Keep growing by challenging yourself to keep trying new things. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, but you learn something from it every time.

Ida / @avidarand

Click the Swedish flag icon on the top right to read Ida's interview in Norwegian ;)
NAME: Ida Rand
INSTA-NAME: @avidarand
LIVE IN: Norway
AGE: 29 (soon 30)
WORK AS: kindergarten teacher
STARTED SEWING WHEN: I was pregnant with my first child in 2014. I really wanted a babynest and figured I could try to make one myself since I had gotten a sewing machine. I lived in Bergen and had the fabric store Stoff & Stil close by, so I drove there and bought fabric. I was hooked right away and tried to sew baby pants. And half a year later I got my first overlock. That brought my sewing joy to new heights. Since then I've sewn almost all of the clothes in my childrens' wardrobes (with the exception of some outerwear). 
FAVOURITE PATTERN: That's a hard question. Lo leggings and Ester & Ebbe from Threads by Caroline are two of my favourites, and they are by far the patterns I've used the most. Everyday clothes are mostly used in our house and therefore it's really great with simple, beautiful patterns that I can easily vary, and of course also they have great fit. 
The Wilma & Wide jacket is also a favourite! And the "Småttisbukse" from Jubel & Baluba. It's just perfect and has a great fit. 
Pictures from Ida's Instagram page
A SEWING TIP FROM ME: I've acquired quite a few sewing techniques over the years but after I had my second child, I found that I had less time to sew, and then sewing joy has been important to nurture. So when I finally have time to sew it's important that things are in order so that the priceless time in my sewing room is as good as possible. 
1. Keep it neat, organized and clear around you in the sewing room or where you are going to sew. Nothing is as satisfying as a neat sewing room where everything has its place so you do not have to look for what you need when you could actually spend your time sewing. I'm a real mess, but I still love to be neat. If I take a proper cleaning session from time to time, it works wonders for the sewing joy. Have the equipment and things in fixed places, sort buttons and accessories, put back sewing patterns along the way ++ then everything is easy to find.
2. Use free time to make preparations so that when you actually have time to sew, you can just start. Trace a sewing pattern while watching TV in the evening, take a cutting session and cut out several garments at the same time, change to the correct thread and color on the sewing machine. Clean up along the way.
3. Be thorough! If you sew a new challenging pattern, read the sewing instructions carefully so you get all the points. If there is something you do not understand, you'll likely understand it when you have started sewing and have the garment in front of you. Use important aids such as needles / clips and glue pen - then you are less likely to have to use the seam ripper.
4. Take time for the extra finish! Press the seams along the way, topstitch, and take time for the small details that are sometimes tempting to skip.
5. Create your own sewing profile on instagram! Nothing is more fun than sharing your makes and finding inspiring profiles to follow. In addition, it is fun to look back on all the beauty you have created as a sewing diary. I have also created folders with different categories where I store inspirational sewing items along the way when I scroll through instagram. These I can go in to look at when I have a little motivation one day.
Thanks so much Ida and Janine! Thanks for sharing your makes on Instagram and thanks for letting us get to know you better in this forum :)

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