We are sewists! Pt. 2

We are sewists! Pt. 2

A couple of weeks ago we read about the inspiring sewists Ida and Janine. Today we're happy to publish an interview with two equally inspiring women, Madeleine and Matilda!

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Matilda / @s.e.bro

NAME: Matilda Essebro

INSTA-NAME: @s.e.bro

LIVE IN: Sweden

AGE: 27 years

WORKS AS: Nurse in elderly care 

STARTED SEWING WHEN: I was pregnant with my daughter three years ago. I was inspired by my sister who was sewing a lot, and I then sewed "the classics", a baby nest and a blanket. When she was newborn I started sewing a few items of clothing and by the time she was 1 almost her entire wardrobe consisted of home made clothes. 

WHY I SEW: I love to see pieces of fabric be turned into a beautiful finished garment that actually can be used. That I myself can decide how the clothes should look and that I that way can feel creative. Also feeling that pride that I'm or my daugther is wearing clothes that I created myself. 

FAVOURITE PATTERNS: Lilly & Liam from Threads by Caroline is absolutely one of my favourites. Perfect for wardrobe staples but you want some variety. Also the women's pattern Emma from is fantastic! Such a beautiful pattern for all occasions. I'm also a fan of flounce so the "Tilla bloomer" from Jubel & Baluba is one of my favourites.  

A SEWING TIP FROM ME: Glue marker! I'm so grateful for this, and once I started using this I never want to stop. It's perfect to use when hemming or matching for example the armhole seams without fabrics shifting.


Madeleine / @mammasytt

NAME: Madeleine Lindh
INSTA-NAME: @mammasytt
LIVES IN: Sweden
AGE: 35
WORKS AS: Photographer

STARTED SEWING WHEN: I say that I started sewing when my daughter Selma was born in 2016 because that's when I first tried out sewing clothes. Before that I would sew cushions and pennant banners in woven fabrics, but it wasn't until I started sewing in knits that I really got hooked. 

WHY I SEW: From the beginning I thought it was hard to find children's clothes in the stores. I was frustrated as I saw blue clothes with vehicles in one direction and pink clothes with lace and flowers in the other... I wanted something in between, which was so hard to find. When I started sewing them myself I got clothes that fit both Selma and us.
It's better in the stores nowadays but I keep sewing because it's a source of inspiration for me. I love the whole journey from planning a garment; which pattern and fabric to use; how it can be mixed and matched with other fabrics, making my own mark on the garment, sewing it and finally to photograph the finished result. And not the least to say how fun and inspiring it is to hang out on social media and follow other sewists! For me it's so much more than "just" sewing. 

FAVOURITE PATTERNS: I know you might think that I'm saying Threads by Caroline's patterns now just because this is for her blog, but I really do love them! So this is my top 4 for Selma: Lilly & Liam peplum, Lo leggings, Ester & Ebbe, Olivia. 
Other patterns for us both: Raglan dress/hoodie with a twist from Made by Runi and Think Big from 6ten design.
And for myself there's not much that beats the Emma, from Threads by Caroline.

1. I thought a lot about this and then decided on a tips for a good foundation: use good patterns! In the beginning I bought a sewing pattern magazine and understood nothing, the patterns were difficult to understand and the tutorial even worse. The whole process was done uphill, lots of cursing while making the garments, and the joy of creating totally disappeared. Once I discovered that there are patterns and there are Patterns - wow what a difference!
2. Dare: dare to mix colours, to try new things. Dare to ask for help, and dare to show what you've created. I promise, it's so much more fun when you let go of the pressure that everything needs to be perfect :)