We are sewists! Pt. 4

We are sewists! Pt. 4

I'd like to introduce you to two inspiring women who are super creative and love to sew :) I've had the pleasure of having them in my team of pattern testers for quite some time and they always inspire me! 

Thanks Mona and Elin for spreading sewing joy and creativity!

(And here's part 1part 2 and part 3 of the blog series, in case you missed them.) 


Mona / @luomisvimma

NAME: Mona Sohlman-Wirén
INSTA-NAME: @luomisvimma
LIVE IN: Finland
AGE: 37
WORK AS: Visual merchandiser in fashion industry BUT right now I'm studying to become a photographer. It is a real passion of mine!
Oh and I'm also a dressmaker :)

STARTED SEWING WHEN: I can't even remember when it really was since I've been sewing forever. But I'd say I was about 15 years when I started and then went to stydy dressmaking.

WHY I SEW: I'm a creative person who cannot just sit around doing nothing ;)
Sewing is such a joy for me! I love creating and sewing gives me the opportunity to make something unique. It is also a way of relaxing to me.

Pictured above: A Wilma & Wide jacket (left) and Billy & Betty bomber jacket (right), sewn by Mona.

FAVOURITE PATTERN: To me favourite pattern is something that has multiple options and endless possibilities. One huge favourite of mine is Billy&Betty from Threads by Caroline. You can create just about anything with it -making it simple or go crazy with colorblocking just the way you like it!
I'm also a huge fan of Misusu patterns.

A SEWING TIP FROM ME: This is something I really needed to think about...
BUT, I would say that what makes a huge difference when sewing is that you remember to press those seams you sew :) Pressing really matters and makes your clothing look more professional!
And I would also encourage you to ask help from the sewing community whenever you have a problem or you just need an opinion of something like fabric choices etc -there are so many great sewing sisters around there to help ♡ 


Elin / @elfandy.collection

NAME: Elin Bengtsson
INSTA-NAME: elfandy.collection
LIVE IN: Ystad
AGE: 27
WORK AS: Office space renter / Operations manager of office hotels at FirstOffice / Klövern. 

STARTED SEWING WHEN: 2017, when I was expecting my first child. 

WHY I SEW: I sew because I absolutely love it! The feeling of creating one's own things is amazing and it gives me energy during hectic days with little children. Sewing has no limits!

FAVOURITE PATTERN: I have sooo many favourite patterns I use over and over. One of them that I never get tired of is Threads by Caroline's Amelie with its lovely bow back. I think that's the dress I've sewn most since I started sewing. Lately I've also sewn many Olivia tunics, also from Threads by Caroline. It's very flattering but also kind of basic when I need a break from bows and flutter, which I usually sew :) I also like the Tilla skirt from Jubel & Baluba and Teddy from Cut & Sew.

Pictured above: A Billy & Betty bomber jacket and Tyra & Todd pants (left), and Smilla dress (right), sewn by Elin.

A SEWING TIP FROM ME: I have learned to sew by myself and mostly thanks to "playing by the ear" and just doing, and thanks to all amazing sewing instructions I've found. In other words, I'm convinced you can learn to sew from home, without courses etc. Your will takes you far. 

Some sewing techniques or tools I can't be without are gathering with Framilon tape (elastic) which gets you even gathering, and an aqua glue marker which is often useful!