Fabric & supplies


Light-weight fabric (approx. 100-200 gr/m2, shirting to dress weight). You can use both knit fabrics (up to 40% stretch) and woven fabrics. You don’t need to adjust the pattern for knits and can choose the same size (according to the size guide) whichever fabric you use. 

Some woven fabrics I recommend: Linen, cotton, chambray, lyocell (tencel), cotton lawn, voile, double gauze and seersucker.

Some knit fabrics I recommend: tencel jersey, modal jersey, viscose jersey, bamboo jersey, cotton jersey.


Tape measure, fabric scissors, pins/clips, iron (great if it has a steam function) and a sewing machine with coordinating thread and a suitable needle for your fabric. For woven fabrics you can use a universal needle, and for knits a stretch needle is usually recommended).

Note! If you’re using knit fabrics you will probably need a little less fabric than stated above, since you can then cut your bias facing across the grain. The fabric requirements chart is based on using woven fabrics and then you would cut the bias facing diagonally. Pockets are included in the dress. For all variants bias facing and tie bands are included.

The fabric requirements above is an estimation. I recommend you to add 20 cm (8”) extra if you’re purchasing new fabric for this project, and account for shrinkage.