Fabric and supplies


  • Knit fabric with at least 30% stretch and medium weight (approx. 200-270 gr/m2), but you can also use lighter or heavier fabrics. I recommend primarily french terry, sweat, ponte, Ottoman, knit jacquard and similar fabrics. You can also use cotton jersey (Cotton lycra) which is often a bit lighter than medium weight.

  • Note: for the flounces you can use knit or woven fabric (see p. 9). If you’re sewing the neckline strip, use preferably a light weight fabric (135-200 gr/m2) with approx. 30-40% stretch. The same goes for the pocket, a light-weight fabric ensures the pocket doesn’t weigh down the sweatshirt. Prewash all fabrics before cutting the pieces, knit fabrics often shrink with the first wash.

  • Ribbing fabric with approx. 60-70% stretch, for the neckband, sleeve cuffs and regular waistband.

  • Elastic, if you’re sewing Frankie with an elasticated waistband. See length and width below.

* Estimated for a Frankie with elasticated band, and that all pattern pieces are sewn in the same fabric - except for ribbing and flounce which are specified on a separate row.

The fabric requirements above is an estimation for 150 cm (60”) wide fabrics, not preshrunk. I recommend you to add 20 cm (8”) extra if you’re purchasing new fabric for this project. You should also account for shrinkage, and add extra if you want to pattern match.


  • Aqua glue marker, elastic threader (or safety pin), tape measure, fabric scissors, pins/clips, iron, sewing machine with coordinating thread. Don’t forget a suitable needle in the sewing machine. For knit fabrics a stretch needle is usually recommended.