Fabric and Supplies


Knit fabric with at least 30% stretch, preferably 4-way stretch (the fabric stretches horizontally and vertically). The fabric should be light to medium weight (approx. 135-270 gr/m2). I recommend for example jersey, french terry, ponte di roma, terry cloth and velour. Choose lightweight fabric for the side seam pockets.

You can also make the shorts in woven fabrics, for example: cotton, linen, seersucker, double gauze, viscose. Choose 1 size larger to make up for no stretch. 

Elastic, for the waist. Length and width in the chart below.



Aqua glue marker, elastic threader or safety pin, tape measure, fabric scissors, pins/clips, iron, a sewing machine with matching thread, as well as a suitable needle. For knit fabrics, a stretch needle is usually recommended, and for woven fabrics use a universal needle.