Level guide

This is how I categorize my sewing patterns according to skill level.

In all levels, step by step sewing instructions are included so you don't have to know all the sewing techniques beforehand. You will learn while using the pattern.

Most patterns include both easy and challenging options, which is why a pattern can span over two levels.


LEVEL 1: Patterns that are easy to assemble, with few details or specific techniques. Suitable to start with for beginners.

LEVEL 2: A bit more challenging with more details and techniques. Fits those who have some sewing experience already and have sewn a few easier projects before.

LEVEL 3: More challenging, for example with more details and techniques, or designed for fabric which is considered more challenging to sew. Suitable for those with some sewing experience.


This level guide was updated in 2022. The updated skill level can be found on the website and may differ from what is written on your PDF or printed pattern if it was released before december 2022.