How to make a knot on the waistband

How to make a knot on the waistband

Get ready for some fun inspiration from Madeleine which you can use on any sweater with a waistband. Thank you Madeleine for sharing this tutorial!


Last fall I sewed a (slightly lengthened) Lilly & Liam sweater with a knot on the waistband which was very much appreciated. And it's extra fun to blog about this since I received a lot of questions when I posted photos in the Threads by Caroline Facebook group.


In my book this is the best kind of a pattern hack: quick, easy and a cute detail.

Cut out the sweater as usual and add two pieces for the knot. These can be made with different lengths and shape, but on the sweaters in this tutorial I chose asymmetrical pieces. If you want symmetrical pieces I encourage you to use the same shape as Matilda did in the pattern hack of the bow beanie.  

Cut out two pieces, just like in the picture, one longer than the other. The short one is 10 cm x 14 cm, and the long one is 10 cm x 19 cm.


Fold them right sides together and sew.


Turn the bow pieces right sides out and press.


When you're going to sew the waistband to the sweater, place the short bow piece between the waistband and front piece, and the longer one on top of the waistband. 

Sew together and then tie the knot!



Thanks again Madeleine for this tutorial and inspiration! If you want to see more of what Madeleine makes, follow her on instagram: @mammasytt.

And here's the pattern she used for this sweater: Lilly & Liam.