Printing and assembling PDF patterns

Printing and assembling PDF patterns

One of my goals is to make it fun for my customers to sew my patterns. And I believe that if you constantly have to wonder how to do different things, it won't feel that fun anymore.

So today I'd like to offer a step-by-step tutorial on how to print and assemble pdf-patterns from Threads by Caroline. Some prefer to fold the edges instead of cutting, or using glue instead of tape, and that's fine of course.

So let's go!

First you'll need to print the pattern. What you need to consider is:


  • Printing to scale, 100%. On the first page of the pattern there's a test square, and if that measures 3x3 cm as it should then the scale is correct.
  • I recommend that you use the free program Adobe Reader. Open the pattern in that program and print from there. I've written more on that here.

Each page is numbered and in the tutorial for each pattern there is a pattern layout picture that will show you the order of the pages. Now I'll use my free pattern Ester & Ebbe to show you how to cut and tape any of my patterns. (Not all patterns have 4 pages in a row as Ester & Ebbe).


  1. You don't need to cut page 1 at all.
  2. Cut page 2 along the left side, along the black solid line. Then place page 2 on top of page 1 and match the black triangles to make them form a diamond. 

  1. Continue along the first row and cut the left edge on each page, and tape. 
  2. Now on to row 2: On the first paper (page 5 in this example), cut the top edge and and match with page 1. 
  3. On the rest of the pages on row 2 (p. 6-8 in this example), cut the top edge and the left edge. 
  4. Row 3 should be cut and taped just like row 2. 


With the last picture (below) I want to show you what the pattern looks like when it's correctly printed and assembled. You can see all diamonds, and also that the lines of the pattern pieces flow from one page to the next.  



Sure, it happens that the printout won't look like it's supposed to. Some printers want to place the pattern up to the top left on each page, and then the solid black lines may not show. 

Solution: Open the pattern and print from Adobe Reader. Where you can choose orientation, check the box that says "Auto Portrait/Landscape". That will make sure the page is centered. 


Any other problems that may show up can often be solved by for example:

  • Printing from a computer instead of ipad/phone
  • Printing from another program on your computer
  • Printing from a different computer or with a different printer 


You are always welcome to get in get in touch if you have any questions!