Tester pics of Tyra & Todd

Right after Christmas we started our pattern test for the Tyra & Todd loose-fit pants. It's always so much fun and inspiring to see what the testers make! Which fabrics they choose and which variants they sew. I think they did a really great job this time! 

We decided to make a few changes in the pattern, based on their pictures and feedback. So for the final version of Tyra & Todd, we made these changes:

  • A new pattern piece for the paperbag waistband. The new one gives a lot more flounce.
  • Added length from the crotch down. In most sizes (not the smallest sizes), we added several cm of length, so if you choose size (in length) based on our size guide we feel confident you'll be very pleased with the fit.
  • Raised front pocket, just a bit.
  • Made back pocket smaller, also raised it a bit and moved it a bit closer to the crotch.
  • A bit less width along the hips and legs in the smallest sizes.
  • The pant cuffs are a bit more narrow.

Now let's have a look at those pictures! A huge thank you to all generous testers for sharing their pics!

Ida (@avidarand) sewed size 74, lengthened to 80. 


Elin (@elfandy.collection) sewed size 86, shortened to size 80. She chose the simple waistband. The fabric is velour.


Rose-Marie (@rosieeklund) sewed size 86 with a simple waistband, and double roll hem.

Josefine (@ravenorakan) sewed size 92, with the simple waistband and pant cuffs. 


Frida (@frackafritte) sewed size 92 with a simple waistband and pant cuffs.


Alexandra (@madeinslagsta) sewed size 92, lengthened to 98. She chose the paperbag waistband, and regular fold-up hem.


Julia (@rutigdesign) sewed size 98, with simple waistband and pant cuffs.


Kim (@pinkrabbit_nl) sewed size 98, and lengthened to 104. She sewed the paperbag waist and double roll hem.

Also, check out this cool detail Kim sewed. She says: "I used a (elastic) band for a neat finish of the side seams at the rolled hem. I added the band at the bottom (4,5 cm) of the pants." 


 Janine (@vrolijkevos) sewed size 98, lengthened to 104. 


Agata (@agatavazquez) sewed size 98, lengthened to 104. 


Sofia (@by_zepsi) sewed size 104. She chose the paperbag waistband.


Madeleine (@mammasytt) sewed size 104 lengthened to 110. 


Ida (@ida_syr) sewed size 110. She chose the simple waistband, and regular fold-up hem.


Kristi (@kristikala88) sewed size 104, lengthened to 116, with paperbag waistband and double roll hem. 


Stephanie (@madebyminouki) sewed size 116, with a paperbag waistband. 


Jenny (@jennymedj) sewed size 122. She chose the simple waistband and the double roll hem.


Anja (@s_siwsiw_thing) sewed size 122 and lengthened to 134. She sewed the paperbag waistband and regular fold-up hem.


Ida (@ida_syr) sewed size 128, shortened to 122. With paperbag waistband and double roll hem.


Sarah (@incompletestitches) sewed size 128 lengthened to 134. She chose to sew the simple waistband and pant cuffs.


Charlotte (@trio_med_bus) sewed size 146, shortened to 140. Simple waistband and pant cuffs.


Laura (@laurajohannan) sewed size 152 with simple waistband and double roll hem.


On Instagram you can also check out the hashtag #tdctyraandtodd for more pictures of this pattern - feel free to tag your own Tyra & Todd-pictures! We'd love to see them!