Victoria peplum top

Victoria peplum top

Hi all! Today I'd like to show you a gorgeous pattern hack of the Victoria pattern. I was so pleased with this that I'm almost regretting not including it in the original pattern! 

I sewed a peplum top instead of the dress. So the only thing I did was to shorten the skirt pattern piece to the length I wanted and then sewed as the tutorial shows. Since I wanted a simple and quick version I skipped the buttons and flutter.

This is size 110 and I chose to make the peplum 15 cm long/high (almost 6"). I changed nothing about the bodice. 

I did not add 2 cm (3/8") for hem allowance since I didn't hem this one, I just sewed some decorations on it. I thought it looked really cute on the jersey fabric "Fig", from Elvelyckan Design.

I made the peplum back piece about 2 cm (3/8") longer than the front. 

*15 cm included 1 cm (3/8") seam allowance on the top but no hem allowance. After trying it on my daughter I thought it was a little bit too short, so in size 110 I'd recommend that you make the peplum 16-17 cm long/high. Don't forget to add hem allowance if you want to hem it. 

The illustration below shows the skirt piece of the Victoria pattern. The arrows show you how I measured from several points the length of the peplum. The red line is the front piece and the blue is the back piece. 

This is surely just the first of many Victoria peplums I'll make! I love it! For the next one I might just add the buttons and flutter that make the Victoria even more beautiful.