Kids' Emma blouse & dress

Kids' Emma blouse & dress

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This is the Swedish pattern. >> Go to English pattern here.

Emma is an airy and comfortable blouse and dress with a beautiful fit that’s suitable both for everyday play and special occasions. Emma is a caftan model with side slits, optional inseam pockets and tie belt or elastic waist. 

You can sew Emma with a round neckline or a V-neck, both versions are sewn with a neckband.

There are 5 sleeve variants: short hemmed, 3/4 hemmed or long hemmed. You can also choose a short sleeve sewn with a tulip cuff, or a wide 3/4 sleeve with elastic.

Emma has three lengths and can be sewn either as a blouse, a short dress, or a calf-length dress.Unlike the Women’s pattern Emma, the tutorial also shows you how to sew Kids’ Emma with an elastic thread or band along the waist, as an alternative to the tie belt.


Sizes: 14 sizes from 74-152 (approx. 6 months to 12 years).

Recommended fabric: The pattern is designed and tested for light- to medium weight knit fabrics with drape, and with approx. 30-50% stretch. We recommend viscose jersey, tencel jersey, modal jersey, bambu jersey and similar fabrics.

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Level of difficulty: 2/3. (For confident beginners). 

PDF format: PDF-patterns include two formats: Layered A4/letter size for home printing (24 pages), and non-layered A0 size for copy shop printing (2 sheets). The tutorial is included as a PDF-file (29 pages).

Note! You don't need a serger for this garment, but you can use one for some steps.



In the including tutorial you receive help from start to finish. It’s a solid and detailed description of each step in the making of this garment. It includes clear pictures, explanatory text and tips that will give the garment a professional look. If you are new to some of the techniques this will be an opportunity for you to develop your sewing skills. The tutorial also includes a size chart and a fabric requirements chart. Measurements are provided in both the metric and imperial system.


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