Fabric & Supplies


  • Knit fabrics such as jersey (cotton/lycra), see fabric requirement below. Heavier fabric such as college/french terry can also be used but you should size up if the fabric has less than 30% stretch. The pattern is created for fabrics with at least 30% stretch. Use the stretch guide in the pattern to evaluate your fabric.
  • (Optional): light-weight, fusible interfacing for the chest pocket, approx. 10x10 cm (4x4”).
  • Sewing machine needle: Don’t forget to use the right needle for your fabric, for knit fabrics a stretch needle is usually recommended.
  • Other useful materials: Glue marker, coordinating thread, needles/clips, tape measure.

The fabric requirements chart below is an estimation for fabrics with 150 cm width (60”). If you’re buying new fabric for your project, I recommend to add a bit extra to be safe. Chest pocket, neckband and flutters are included.