Fabric & Supplies


  • Fabric: Light to medium weight fabrics, knit or woven. For the best result, use the same fabric for the cuff as for the main skirt.

  • Elastic, 10-18 mm wide (3/8”-3/4”). (The length is specified in the fabric requirements chart below).

  • Fusible interfacing, non-stretch: a small piece, approx. 2,5x5 cm (1x2”).

  • 2 eyelets, 8 mm wide. Or you could sew buttonholes.


This is an estimate of how much fabric you’ll need, based on 160 cm (63”) wide fabric that has not been prewashed.

The length of the elastic is approximate. The amount of stretch can vary greatly in elastics and therefore the length recommended here can become too long, or too short.