size guide

Ebba has a loose fit which is more oversize in the larger sizes, and more like a regular sweatshirt fit in the smallest sizes. Compare the measurements chart with the finished measurements to get an idea of the sweatshirt’s fit.

Choose size based on the child’s height, but also keep chest width and waist width in mind. It’s okay if the child’s width is a size smaller or larger than the height. But if the child is very slim, 2 or more sizes smaller in width than height, I recommend blending sizes. I describe 2 methods to do this in the coming pages.

The fabric can be with or without stretch. The more stretch your fabric has, the larger the sweatshirt will be. If you’re sewing Ebba in woven fabrics you don’t have to size up if you’re making about size 110 and up. But if you’re sewing the smallest sizes, you should consider sizing up, since the pattern has less ease in the smaller sizes.

METRIC MEASUREMENTS: (Scroll down for imperial units).