Welcome to the wonderful world of sewing! Regardless if you're a beginner or a more experienced sewist, our tips and tricks will be helpful on your creative journey.

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Your sewing coach

My name is Caroline. I started sewing sometime around 2012, when I was expecting my first child. It was such an uphill struggle for me to sew even simple things for the baby.

Somehow I struggled on, built experience and skill. And when I decided to design and sell my own sewing patterns - I knew from the beginning the goal would be to make them easily understandable, inspiring and fun to use.

Excellent fit is just as important and therefore we invest a lot of time into making patterns that will fit you/your children as perfect as possible.

So let's go!

You can start with any article. Read from the beginning or jump back and forth between the articles. Click the image or link to access the article. 

1. INTRO TO SEWING. A sewing pattern consists of several pieces that you cut out in fabric and sew together. A sweater for example can have a front, back and two sleeves. In a sewing pattern, all pieces that you need are included, and often in several sizes. Read more.

2. MAKE FRIENDS WITH YOUR SEWING MACHINE. Sewing machine, serger (overlocker), or coverstitch? Why are there different machines and which one do I need? Read more.

3. SEWING SUPPLIES. There are lots of tools that can be useful when sewing (and some more or less necessary). These are the most common tools. Read more

4. SEWING LINGO. Get confident around words like right side, seam allowance, topstitch, interface, and so on. Read more

5. FABRIC GUIDE. There are so many amazing fabrics out there! But it's hard to know which ones to use, right? How does stretch, drape and fabric weight affect the garment? Read more

6. SEWING IN KNIT FABRICS. Many of our sewing patterns are designed for knit fabrics, they make such comfortable clothes, both for children and adults. There are a few things to keep in mind when sewing with knit fabrics. Read more

7. COMMON ISSUES - AND SOLUTIONS. Wavy seams, busting stitches... no more! Read more

8. CHOOSING SIZE. When sewing it's always best to choose size based on body measurements and not the size you'd pick on store-bought clothes. Read more.

9. BLENDING SIZES. One of the best things about sewing! The possibility to adapt the clothes for the body, and not the other way around. Read more.

10. PDF PATTERNS, PART 1. Which formats are included in our PDF patterns? How do you use them? We guide you through printing and projecting. Read more.

11. PDF PATTERNS, PART 2. Focused specifically on our PDF patterns in A4/letter format and how to assemble them. Read more.

12. BUST ADJUSTMENTS IN PATTERNS. An introduction to making bust adjustments (FBA or SBA) to make the pattern fit you better if you have a smaller or larger bust than the pattern is designed for. Read more.

Our most popular patterns for beginners

All our sewing patterns include a tutorial with step by step instructions. Everything you need to know when creating the garment. We've got your back!

Ester & Ebbe top
A unisex kids' pattern.
Size range 74-146.
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Lo leggings 
A unisex kids' pattern.
Size range 56-146.
Swedish pattern.
English pattern. 

Sigge & Siri beanie
A unisex kids' and adults' pattern.
Size range 34 (premature) to 60 (adult large).
Swedish pattern.
English pattern. 

Linnéa top
A women's top pattern. 
Size range 32-50.
Swedish pattern.
English pattern.