Sally tote bag

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Sizes & variants: Gift bags (4 sizes) + two large tote bags.

Scroll down for size chart and info on fabric & supplies.


Variant A is a fabric bag which I usually use as a gift bag. It’s so much fun to bring homemade - or store bought of course - gifts in this cute bag. And how about using it to keep knitting projects? Or storing sewing notions such as zippers?

Variant B is a large tote bag, with the same drawsting closure as variant A.

Variant C is also a large tote bag, however without any closure - it’s open at the top.

I want to give you the opportunity to design your bag how you want it. So there are several different pocket options included. I’ll be showing you how to sew the pockets to the bag’s lining, but you could also sew them on the bag’s exterior / outer fabric.

  • Zipper pocket.
  • Slip pocket, where you can choose how many pockets to sew. I will show you how to make them padded, to store a laptop or tablet. Up to 13” laptop will fit.
  • Cargo pockets, similar to the slip pockets but sewn with pleats and therefore roomier.
  • At last, a little bonus: a divider pocket, which will divide the bag in two equally large compartments. Can only be sewn in the bag’s lining.

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Skill level: 1-3/3 (Level guide).


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Delivered instantly upon purchase to your e-mail address. This PDF-pattern includes three pattern formats:

  • A4/letter size for home printing, 13 pages. Layered.
  • Projector format, layered.
  • A0 size for copy shop printing, 1 sheet. Layered.

The Sewing instructions are also included as a PDF-file, 26 pages.


Only available in Swedish. Printed in color on high-quality paper that is durable and can be used many, many times over. The sewing instructions are also color-printed, a booklet in A4-size, 24 pages. The pattern sheet and instructions booklet are packaged in a beautiful envelope you can save and store your pattern in.


Only available in Swedish. You'll receive both formats. The PDF pattern is delivered to your email, and the printed pattern shipped to your address.


  • Outer (exterior) fabric, woven fabric in medium to heavy weight such as canvas, denim, twill, faux leather, softshell, teddy, corduroy, oilskin, faux fur.
  • Lining fabric, woven light-weight fabric. For example cotton and light canvas. Preferably a light but durable fabric.
  • Do you want to use a knit fabric for your outer or lining? For example jersey or college?  It’s not ideal for variant B or C, but okay for variant A. I recommend to interface it (for example with H250 or G700) to remove the stretch.
  • Interlining, for more stability and/or volume. Tips and suggestions in the sewing instructions.

    • For variant A it’s not necessary to use interlining, it depends on how thin/heavy fabrics you use and what you want the finish bag to look like. With interlining on your outer fabric (and/or lining), the bag will be more stable and stand up.
    • For variant B and C I would definitely recommend interlining even though you can sew without it. But avoid the most heavy interlinings if you’re sewing variant B (or A). Considering the drawstring, we want the bag to be soft and flexible.

  • Fabric for handles (variant B/C): Use woven fabric in light, medium or heavy weight. Or purchase ready to use bag handles (2 handles, 72 cm long).

  • String, for variant A & B, to create the drawstring. The chart shows the length for each string.

  • Zippers, only for variant B & C if you’re sewing zipper pockets and/or divider pockets. See length in the chart above. You can use plastic or metal zippers, and it’s not an issue if your zipper is longer than the needed length. It’s easy to shorten. It can be a closed or open-ended zipper. You can also use a continuous zipper, see my guide on how to use them on the blog.

Here’s the fabric requirements, as well as length of zippers and string for each variant and size. The fabric requirements are calculated for 140 cm wide fabrics. In “outer fabric”, I’ve included handles. In “lining fabric” I’ve included pockets.

How much interlining is needed? As much as the fabric if you want to interface all pieces. Keep in mind you may want to use different interlinings, for the different pattern pieces.  Also, interlinings may have less width than 140 cm.


Measurements of the finished bags. Width x Height x Depth.

With the included Sewing Instructions you receive help from start to finish. It’s a solid and detailed description of each step in the making of this garment. It includes clear pictures, explanatory text and tips that will give the garment a professional look.

If you are new to some of the sewing techniques this is an excellent opportunity for you to develop your sewing skills. Consider our patterns your sewing school.

The tutorial also includes a size chart and a fabric requirements chart. Measurements are provided in both the metric and imperial system.

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Super leuk met veel mogelijkheden

Goede en duidelijke instructies!

That's wonderful, thanks a lot! :)

Janni Voigt
Great pattern

So versatile and easy to sew. Instructions are easy to follow.
My Sally tote is now one of my favourite bags.

Thank you for leaving such a lovely review for my Sally tote bag. I'm thrilled you're happy with the pattern!