Fabric and supplies

Here’s the approximate fabric requirement and length of zipper for each variant and size. In the column “Fabric and interlining”, note that that amount is needed for both outer fabric + lining fabric. And same for interlining if you want to use that. 

The zipper measurement is also approximate. Don’t use one that’s shorter.



Outer fabric, medium to heavy weight woven fabric (no stretch) such as canvas, denim, twill, tapestry fabric, softshell, corduroy, oilskin (a water repellant cotton fabric). Often you can find this type of heavy, woven fabrics at the home/interior department. You can also use knit fabrics such as jersey or college, but do stabilise them with fusible interlining (no stretch) such as H250.

Lining fabric, light to medium weight woven fabric. Such as cotton, poplin, linen. You can also use knit fabrics such as jersey or college, but do stabilise them with thin, fusible interlining (no stretch) such as H200 or H250.

Fabric for zipper tabs (variant A & B): Use woven fabric, light to medium weight. No heavy fabrics.

Fabric for pull tabs and handle (variant C): Use woven fabric, light to heavy weight.

Fusible interlining (non-stretch), for added stability and/or volume. It’s not necessary but provides a great finish, especially if your chosen fabrics aren’t very heavy or stable. More info in the sewing instructions.
Iron interlining to the wrong side of the outer fabrics, or also linings if you want added stability on the inside of the pouch too (great for all variants but especially B and C to help the lining stay on the inside of the pouch). You could also choose batting/wadding for added volume. I don’t recommend interlining on the zipper tabs or pull tabs. You can use it on the handles.

Zipper (see length in the chart above), total width (tape + teeth): 25-32 mm. You can use plastic or metal zippers, and it’s not an issue if your zipper is longer than the needed length. It’s easy to shorten. It can be a closed or open-ended zipper. You can also use a continuous zipper, see my guide on how to use them on the blog.

Zipper foot for your sewing machine is strongly recommended. It will help you sew close to the zipper.



A sewing machine with coordinating thread and a needle suitable for the fabric: for woven fabrics it’s usually recommended to use a universal or denim needle, approx. size 100 if the fabric is heavy. Fabric scissors, pins/clips, iron, glue marker, wonder tape, seam gauge and tape measure.