Supplies and Fabrics

Fabric: The pattern is designed and tested for light- to medium weight knit fabrics with drape, and with approx. 20-50% stretch. We recommend viscose jersey, tencel jersey, modal jersey, bambu jersey and similar fabrics.

The fabric requirement below is an estimation for 150 cm (60”) wide fabrics, not preshrunk. We recommend you to add 20 cm (8”) extra if you’re purchasing new fabric for this project. Pockets are included.

Read the chart like this: For example “240 (190)” = 240 cm with the waistband cut according to the grainline to utilize its full length. 190 cm with the waistband cut in the other direction, horizontally, on 150 cm wide fabric (this means a shortened waistband in most sizes, but only marginally shorter in the smaller sizes).

Light-weight fusible interfacing with stretch (for example Vlieseline H609), to stabilise:
   - the neckline (round): approx. 30 cm wide and 20 cm high (12x8”)
   - the neckline (V-neck): approx. 30 cm wide and 28 cm high (12x11”)
   - shoulder seams: two strips that are approx. 8 cm wide and 1 cm high (3x3/8”)
   - pockets: four strips, approx. 2-3 cm wide and 18 cm high (1x7”)
   - hem: two strips, up to 100 cm wide and 2 cm high (40x1”) (for a calf-length dress in size 50). Must not be continuous strips

Approx. 1 cm (3/8”) wide elastic, only for the wide 3/4 sleeves with elastic. Approx. 60 cm (24”) in length.

Sewing machine needle: Don’t forget to use the right needle for your fabric, for knit fabrics a stretch needle is usually recommended.

Other useful materials: Coordinating thread, a safety pin, fabric marker, fabric scissors, needles/clips, tape measure.